Title: EURODANCE ANTHOLOGY - vol. 1 - reviewed on 02/03/02
Style: Italo Dance / High Energy
Index #: ATL 008-2

EURODANCE ANTHOLOGY - Volume 1 SAIFAM has been a long time treasury chest for dance sound. Once again, they showed leading role as one of the most infamous DANCE label not only locally in Italy but simply worldwide. SAIFAM has proven it again by delivering something that fans of classic ITALODANCE/HIGH ENERGY sound were hopelessly waiting for: a new series called EURODANCE ANTHOLOGY focusing on this legendary sound. Many visitors of SAIFAM website as well as EuroDanceHits.com were asking to bring some of this sound back. SAIFAM heard it, and here is the result. This newly established series will be bringing back some most known ITALO DANCE, HIGH ENERGY and EURODANCE marvels. This series will definately be a treat for all of you who are looking for classic sound of '80, '90 era now practically unavailable. Thanks to immortal MAURO FARINA who devoted his life to make DANCE music and JASON DAVIS (one of editor of EURONRG section of eurodancehits.com) who love this sound, we have a delightful trip into the ATLANTIS of energy sound. The sound that seemed to be lost but not forgotten will surface again. Among 22 tunes featured on this double CD compilation, we have countless treasures harbored in a one set. Most of the tunes are in extended or club versions making this offering even more priceless for hunters of rare mixes. This is absolutely stunning release and practically the only chance for some of you who are not familiar with the sound, to finally taste it. For others, it is dream come true. Not only SAIFAM artists are featured here but also another acts coming from such labels as LOMBARDONI, TIME , ZYX to mention the few. Just look at the track listing and you should get an idea what's coming! Legendary tune such as "One More Night" by MOLOTOCARINA is here. Back in 80's very popular SAIFAM artist with many cutting edge singles. One of my favorite singers from that period of time is present as well: SOPHIE, with her amazing "My World". I have to mention "Love Is The Best" by SILVER POZZOLI. This artist has been featured in many ITALO-DANCE compilation, but for some reason his another tune "Around The World" is always featured in them. In my opinion "Love Is The Best" is much more superior and I am still playing it with great success. MAURO FARINA himself is featured in timeless "To My Heart". A stellar production that reached success all over the world. I cannot miss "Love Spy" by MIKE MAREEN. This is an example of another must-to-have and hard-to-get tune to die for, especially in it's extended version. Classic on its own. Among other all-time classics you will find "Goodbye" by SAVAGE, KEN LASZLO's "Tonight", remake of TRANS-X's "Living On Video" by VOYAGE 2000 or an incredible cover of KATE BUSH's "Wuthering Heights" by KATE PROJECT. The list of tunes is just too long to go through one and each title, however the compilation has an extensive introduction written by JASON DAVIS for every fare . His description in depth adds to already enormous value of this release. I am not sure how many copies of this gem were printed, but you better get one, before it's too late. Such opportunity does not come twice, so better rush to get it now. I made a sound sampler with 8 tunes, but it's truly only a sampler and can scratch the surface of what is there. Trust me, you will love it!

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01. MOLTOCARINA - One More Night (Club Mix)
02. SOPHIE - My World (2)
03. SILVER POZZOLI - Love Is The Best (1)
04. ALAN BARRY - Victim Of Love (3)
05. VIRGIN - Only You (Extended Version)
06. MIKE MAREEN - Love Spy (The Badman Mix)
07. DANNY KEITH - Lean On Me (4)
08. MARK FARINA - To My Heart (Boom Boom Mix)
09. TIME OUT - Harden My Heart (5)
10. LAURIE - Takin' A Chance (Juno Mix)
11. ROSE - Matter Of Feeling (6)
01. ROSE - I Wanna Be Your Love (Extended Version)
02. KATE PROJECT - Wuthering Heights (Club Mix)(7)
03. KEN LASZLO - Tonight (Original Edit)
04. HELENA - Just An Illusion(8)
05. VOYAGE 2000 - Living On Video (Le Planet Mix)
06. RADIORAMA - Di-Da-Di (The Ultimate factory Mix)
07. ROBERT CAMERO - Lady Surpsrise (Vocal Version)
08. GIPSY & QUEENS - Love Is A Dreamland
09. SAVAGE - Goodbye
10. LISA - Stand Up And Sing
11. JENNY KEE - If Somebody's Loving (Extended Version)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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